Let me introduce myself...

I'm naturally quite inquisitive so therefore I imagine many others to be! Let me tell you a little bit about how I embarked on this soapy journey. I have been making soap for 5 years ranging from decorative to all natural products.


I realised after working within in the industry for a few years that brides were looking for unique products for their special day. That is when i decided to branch out into Soap Favours and separate the favour side from the everyday soap products. This has enabled me to concentrate on what brides want. I love a challenge and to date my Soap Favours have been personally flown all the way to Cyprus for an elaborate engagement party! 


Fast forward 5 years and I am now known for specialising in Soap Favours for both Weddings and Baby Showers. I have a unique product with exclusive designs. I have worked closely with Cmotion Films over the past 2 years creating unique Soap Favours for Cmotion couples. I love working together with couples to create custom orders for their special day. 


You can view my portfolio over at and


To book a free consultation to discuss your requirements please follow this link. 


Any bookings from Cmotion Couples will receive a 15% discount (minimum £100 order requirement & Cmotion Booking Fee reference to be provided)


07563 296 278

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