Wedding Videographer of the Year

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Here is some insight into the greatest night in our little businesses history, the night when we went from just another videography company to being Wedding Videographer of the Year 2018!

After receiving a call from one of the organisers of the event telling us that we had be nominated and were one of the finalists in the east midlands category, we were all in disbelief! We thought it was simply impossible that we could be a finalist!

After much anticipation, finally the day for the awards came. With our supportive families we all piled into one car and headed down the to venue with the butterflies going! Even if we didnt win any awards at least we would have come away having a great evening and meeting some new businesses. Of course, the awards were in alphabetical order! Meaning we were pretty much last! After waiting, for what felt like a lifetime, finally the Videographer Category was next. The feeling of seeing our businesses name on the slideshow was cool enough!

The presenter called out all the nominees, and we were the last one to be called out. She reached into the envelope, and after what felt like a lifetime called out CMOTION FILMS! The shock was something we have never felt, speechless was an understatement!

After waiting up on stage for the other regional videographer categories to be called out, all of the winners were on stage waiting to hear who would be the overall winner! Lets just say that once our name was called out, I think we all nearly hit the floor with shock! VIDEOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2018!! For a business that is still in its infancy, this is such a fantastic achievement. It just goes to show that all of those late nights in the office, the long drives from weddings at 2am. all the work behind the scenes from our videographers and editors, truly does pay off in the end!



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