Wedding Details

Initial Meeting

We always meet with our couples prior to the wedding day, we truly believe its vital that we get to know each other prior to us capturing your day. It allows us to really get to know you on a personal level, that way we can cater our filming to things that are really important to you! We are always happy to travel to meet our clients.


The Wedding Day

On the wedding day, we love capturing those all important moments with anyone realising we are there, the fly on the wall approach! We use small equipment to capture your day and try as discrete as possible! The day will usually start off with us getting on the road nice and early to ensure we are on location in plenty of time, we always prefer to be early. One videographer will be with the bride while the other one will be with the groom. This allows us to capture both sides of the story. Prep time is usually a few hours long, during this time we get to know all the bridesmaids and the brides family! We will use this time to shoot the dress and any other details we see! If the bride is getting ready at the venue getting there early also gives us the chance to film the surrounding area such as the building and anything else of importance. These shots are crucial for storytelling and establishing the film setting.


Throughout the ceremony, we are always stationary. usually out of the way on long lenses, this allows us to capture all of the intimate moments without being in your eyesight. We never interfere with your mingling time with your guests as this is the perfect time for us to capture those little moments that you might have forgotten about during the day! During the couple shoot, we will almost always follow what the photographers does. We have filmed many weddings and have found we can get all the shots we need without affecting the photographer. 


We have a few different packages that vary in coverage of the wedding day but we always prefer to be there for the entire day. This allows us to capture everything and tell your story much better within your wedding film. However, if a couple wishes to just have the Ceremony only filmed, of course, we can cater for this as well!


The Editing Process

Once the wedding day is over, we always enjoy getting straight into the edit whilst everything is nice and fresh! We always shoot to edit therefore it just works for us to get stuck in! With our top packages a teaser trailer comes as standard, this is something you would receive within 48 hours of the wedding day! The remaining wedding trailer and wedding film will usually be delivered within 4-6 weeks of the wedding day. We are perfectionists so spend at least a week on each wedding we do. Every clip you see from us will have gone through our editing process, colour corrected and graded to ensure it looks perfect and stands the test of time! 


How long have you been filming weddings? 

We have been filming weddings for 5 years, over this time its allowed us to gain experience from each one and use it in the next. In that time we have done over 100 weddings from small barn and abbey weddings to beautiful beach weddings in Cyprus. 


Are your cameras good quality?

Our recording equipment is of cinema quality, Many Hollywood movies have been filmed on what we use for weddings so there is no issue there whatsoever! Of course, we have the capability to film in 4K UHD, this allows your film to stand the test of time! We are confident that in 20 years it will still look fantastic! I'm sure Steven Spielberg would approve!


What style do you film?

We'd describe our filming style as creative cinematic. After reviewing many many other companies over the years, we have taken little bits of inspiration from each of them and created our own unique style. To us, if a film looks like it belongs in a cinema then we have done our job! 


How long will our film be?

All of our wedding films will vary in length due to each ceremony and speeches. We always say that they will be somewhere in the region of 90 minutes, some will be more, some less.  





Do you charge for travel?

Travel expenses on the wedding day that are within Staffordshire will be covered within the standard package price. We cover the entire UK and abroad as well, please get in touch for a quote. 


How do we book?

We like to keep the booking process simple. To secure the wedding date with us we would take a booking fee which is usually 20% of the package price. We then send across the wedding videography contract for you to sign. Once the booking fee has cleared and the contract has been signed you are all booked in!


Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured with public liability and have professional indemnity insurance 


Can we get DVD's / USB's 

We offer DVD's and USB's as added extras to your videography package. Please get in touch for pricing. 


Will we get all the Ceremony & speeches in the film?

All of the ceremony and speeches will be on the full wedding film no matter the length. The longest speeches we have filmed was 90 minutes and the couple received the entire thing on their film. 


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