Hi people! Sue here, here's some info about myself! I've been with Cmotion Films since the very beginning, I love capturing those intimate moments with the bride during her preparations for the day. Having been through this wedding process myself and filming plenty of brides I love to draw on on both personal and professional experiences to enable me to capture all the most memorable parts of your day. I feel this where we differ to other companies as you dont often find a female videographer directing footage at weddings and events!

I love capturing moments of happiness and love. I get excited for each couple we meet, like its my own wedding again! 

A true passion for filmmaking blossomed in my teenage years after slowly being introduced to classic films such as Pulp Fiction, Saving Private Ryan and A Clockwork Orange, which opened my eyes to the true power of what can be achieved through film; the ability to convey feeling, and take an individual on an emotional journey.


Despite succeeding academically, earning a Bachelor’s (Hons) degree in Education Studies, I have always had a creative energy inside of me, which has been satisfied over the years through a variety of different outlets such as playing the guitar and writing songs for a band, creating engaging lesson plans for primary children, or, more recently, creating observational comedy based video content on YouTube. Using YouTube as an outlet for my creativity, I began to upload a plethora of content online, learning and understanding the fundamentals of both camera work and video editing in the process.


In the final few years of my degree, Jem, who has been a close friend of mine since childhood, informed me that he had started up his own filmmaking business, and provided me with the opportunity to work beside him. I have known Cem for more than half of my life, and after spending our childhood together as friends, it seems adulthood is just as adamant on keeping us together! It just so happens to be quite the beautiful accident that we found each other, became close friends through common interests and can now support each other, building a business, in an area we are both incredibly passionate about, leaving a lasting impression on every client we work with.


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07563 296 278

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